Well I guess Klout’s new updates are turning heads…


Klout has been one of my go to punchlines for some time now. For example – in May I wrote a post titled “My Detailed Thoughts On Klout” that contained a single word in the post itself: “Why?”

The problem I had with Klout was that it was just another meaningless social game to play. People were wrecking their heads trying to game it and get their score up higher.

To keep his [Klout] score up, Lee tweets up to 45 times a day—an average of one every 32 minutes. “People like food porn,” he notes, “so I try to post a lot of pictures of things I eat.” Lee once took a vacation during which he had no access to the Internet. This made him uncomfortable. “I was worried that brands couldn’t get in touch with me. It’s easy for them to forget about you. And I knew my…

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